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Jhatka Meat Allowed? Where's the Evidence?  

For quite some time now, the Panth has been divided on the issue of meat. Many Sikhs are of the opinion that Kutha (halal meat) is forbidden for Sikhs but "Guru Sahib has allowed Jhatka meat. There are 3 major views:

  • only kutha (ie halal/kosher) meat is forbidden;
  • all meat is forbidden
  • only jhatka meat is allowed.

This article focuses on the practice of Jhatka. As you will see, there are many questions that need answers.


Female Sikh constable in UK wins race trial  

London - A British Sikh policewoman is expected to win a five-figure payout after an employment tribunal ruled that she had suffered racist and religious humiliation at the hands of her trainer.

According to the Daily Express, Amandeep Kaur Grewal has claimed that she was singled out for unfair criticism and treatment because of her race by her trainer. The panel ruled that Grewal, who is now a policewoman in Kingston, southwest London, had been unfairly targeted. It found the Met guilty of race and religious discrimination. Compensation will be decided later.


Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Shahidi Divas  

In June, Sikhs all over the world commemorate the shahidi (martyrdom) of Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji - the 5th Guru of the Sikhs.

This year, let us do an ardas for ourselves and loved ones..."Sikhi kesa swasa naal nibhjay" and "Tera bhanaa mithaa lagay". May Guru ji bless us all with the 'bal' to walk on his path. Gurfateh.

Strange Bedfellows: Sikhs Join Cause With Kashmiris  

The Editor,

It was reported a few days ago that certain Sikh seperatist groups in Punjab had formed alliances with Kashmiri Muslims and other minorities to wage a joint struggle against "state oppression and terrorism."


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