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God is Within  

Life is structured so that the finest, most meaningful aspects are often hidden from outer exposure. The sweetness of an orange is hidden within a bitter skin. The seed of a tree, from which life will spring, is protected within a hard shell. And a man may walk the earth, not knowing that a vast depository of riches lies hidden deep within the ground beneath his feet.


Bhai Nand Lal Ji  

Bhai Nand Lal Goya, born at Ghazni in Afghanistan in 1643, was an accomplished Persian scholar who composed verses in praise of God and Guru Gobind Singh. He was hardly nineteen when his parents passed away and after that he moved to the city of Multan. The Nawab of Multan being impressed with his scholastic talents and personality, appointed him as his ?Mir Munshi? (Revenue officer). At the age of 45 Nand Lal left the service and set out in pursuit of peace.


The Holy Amrit  

Guru Gobind Singh Ji has said that He is present wherever there are five rehani wale Sikhs, ie those who follow the moral code of conduct of the Khalsa. Those who distribute the Amrit during the Amritsanskar ceremony are known as punj pyare or Five Beloved Ones. These punj pyares, on giving the Amrit to the Sikhs, reveal to them the Hukum or Divine Order of the Almighty Lord. By doing so, they assist the soul, which has been separated from the Lord by aeons of births, to be united with Him again.


A Prophesy Fulfilled
The Master's Sword
The Sacred Act of Faith

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