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A Prophesy Fulfilled   E-mail 

Bhai Gurdas Ji in his Vaar 1, pauri 48 says that the Sikhs asked Guru Hargobind Ji:

"Master, we see you as the Sixth Form of Guru Nanak, how many more Gurus will there be?

The Omniscient Guru replied: The foundation of the Sikh Panth (Brotherhood) is Eternal, but there shall be Two plus Two (Four) Gurus."

The question arises, why did the Guru say Two plus Two? It is because he wanted to indicate that there will be two pairs. The first Father and Son pair was Guru Har Rai Ji and Guru Har Krishan Ji, and the second Father and Son pair was Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Years later, the line of human Gurus came to an end when Guru Gobind Singh Ji declared : "After the Tenth Guru there shall be no human successor." The Guruship was then passed on to the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the holy scripture of the Sikhs. The Word is now the Guru and Spiritual Enlightener of the Brotherhood.

"The Word is the Guru, and the Guru is the Word;
The divine Word is brimming with the Nectar of Life.
If the disciple acts on whatever the Word of the Guru teaches.
He shall certainly be exalted and liberated."
- Guru Ram Das Ji

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