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Meditation: For Survival Through the Times   E-mail 

The following is one of several meditation techniques given by Sri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa specifically to help integrate the changes brought by the transition into the Aquarian Age.

Meditation on the mool mantra

  • Brighten your auric light,
  • Have a radiant face
  • Slow down the effects of aging.

Sit straight in easy pose. Chant the Mool Mantra, inhaling deeply before each phrase:

Ek ong kar; Sat Naam; Kartaa purkh
(let the whole breath go out through the nose);
Nirbhao; Nirvair; Akaal moorat: Ajoonee; Saibhung; Gur parsaad; Jap
(let whole breath go out through the nose);
Aad suchshhh; Jugaad suchshhh; Hai bhee suchshhh; Nanak hosee bhee suchshh."

Each time you inhale you must do so to your maximum capacity and each phrase must use up the entire breath. On words like "Akaal moorat", where the sound isn't really extended, release the breath through the mouth with a light "uhh" sound. On "Kartaa purkh" and "Jap", release the breath through the nose. This is the wole secret: the last four phrases are ended with the breath released through the mouth like the sound of a hissing snake.

Chant for a minimum of 11 times a day for 40 days.

Since each person has a different lung capacity, this meditation should be done individually instead of in a group.

'The Science of Keeping Up'

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