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Daswandh Stories   E-mail 
The following article was written by Kirpal Kaur Khalsa, Salem OR, U.S.A.

I would like to share two Daswandh stories that illustrate the power of giving back to God a small part of what He constantly gives to us.

The first story concerns a friend and former student whose financial circumstances were truly desperate. At the time this story starts she had been unemployed for more than a year and a half and was no longer eligible for unemployment benefits. She had nearly lost her house because of not being able to make the mortgage payments and she also owed friends money. The car she was driving was on its last legs and often refused to run. In addition to all that, there was a certifiable madman living in her house, who instead of fixing the place up which was the original deal, was making it worse.

We began to get together once a week to do affirmations for prosperity and to discuss the positive changes in our lives. Nothing much happened to her for several months until I asked if she tithed. She gave the usual sad excuse that she didn?t have the money to tithe with. I took a dollar out of my wallet and gave it to her with a stamp and an envelope and the Daswandh address. A light went in her face, and she took another dollar out of her wallet and sent in both dollars then and there.

Within a couple of weeks she had a job that paid all her bills, and she was paying back the money to friends. (She also gave me back the dollar, the envelope and the stamp.) A month or so later, the madman left her house. A year or so later she received an unexpected legacy from her father. Had she not been tithing and working on herself it is almost certain that she would have lost all or nearly all this legacy due to a series of legal complications. What she did receive was enough to provide her with a modest nest egg and enough money to purchase a new used car in excellent condition.

The changes tithing made in my friend?s life were unmistakable.

The second story is my own. I am a housewife whose husband is a Methodist with qualms about tithing (but none about generosity). In 1989 I asked my husband to give me an allowance with the suggestion that this might halt or decrease our fights about money (which it did). From this allowance, I began tithing a consistent amount of Daswandh each month. I also tithe from other sources of income.

Since 1989 some amazing things have happened. During the recession in early ?90s, my husband?s public library job, which he greatly enjoys, was reclassified in a way that amounted to a nice promotion. He also received a moderately large portfolio of stocks and bonds from his grandmother?s estate, which has been augmented by gifts of stocks from his parents.

I received a very unexpected small legacy from an aunt and some stocks from my parents. We paid off the mortgage on the house where we were living in 1989 and have recently moved into a larger house in a much nicer part of town. The new house has a large room for yoga classes and a Gurdwara, with a nearby small room which houses the Guru. We sold our old house for the full asking price within tow or three weeks which enabled us to recarpet our new house and put tile in the entry hall. Less than six months later we have already paid off nearly 20% of the new mortgage. We also drive a Cadillac for which we paid $1.

None of the above even mentions the gifts of consciousness that come from acknowledging with our pocketbooks that all thing come from God. Give consistently and watch God pour out the blessings.

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