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Towards Human and Spiritual Unity of Mankind   E-mail 

"A Sikh should never speak disparagingly
of other religious paths or creeds of the world."

                              - Rehatnama of Bhai Desa Singh

Even though Guru Gobind Singh created in the Indian setting of Hinduism and Islam what the Sikhs call a third Unique Cultural Nation (Tisra Nyara Panth) his main aim was to create a morally and spiritually ideal Man and Society which would be a bridge between seemingly irreconcilable faiths like Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

In the Akal Ustat, Guru Gobind Singh gives his conception of God and humanity in which the whole of mankind is seen aspiring to reach the blessed Presence of God:

"The Arabs of Arabia, The French of France, The Kureshis of Khandar, Meditate on Thee." - Guru Gobind Singh

Naming all people from Manchuria to Rome and England he points out that human beings all over the world worship the same God, and the differences in their forms of worship are mainly due to different cultural environments. Guru Gobind Singh aimed at uniting all mankind in thoughtful, ethical and spiritual righteousness. He says:

"The Hindus and Muslims are all one, Have each the habits of different environments; All men have the same eyes, the same body, The same form, compounded, Of the same four elements: Earth, air, fire and water. The Abekh (Formless) of the Hindus, And the Allah of Muslims are the same. The Koran and the Puranas praise the same Lord. They are all one in Spirit. The One Lord made them all."

- Akal Ustat 86-116

Whether the conflict is between the different religious groups in the Indian sub-continent, the Middle East, or between black and white in South Africa, the problem is the same. The problem cannot be solved in the economic ideological setting by Communist or Capitalist Powers, but by enlightened Religious and Cultural forces which can be a bridge between the warring groups. Neither the Communist nor the Capitalist Powers command much respect in these warring factions.

If we are not to be ruined materially and spiritually we have to seriously consider the problems of equality, social justice, and genuine political freedom not only for our own community, country and nation, but for all suffering humanity. No section of mankind should become ruinous to any other through superior economic or physical power. Guru Gobind Singh believed that spirituality must transform man from within, before politics transforms him from without. Both must go hand in hand. A number of communities have lived in India for centuries. They have passively tolerated one another just as one tolerates necessary evils. They have never opened healthy dialogue between one another for which Sikhism has always strived. They have never tried to own and assimilate the best that is in others. Still the worst feature of the present day situation is that extremely selfish and corrupt politicians are accepted and honoured as champions of religion and social culture. These champions of darkness first destroyed the cultural and spiritual bonds between the Hindus and Muslims resulting in the partition of the country, and now they are destroying the spiritual and cultural bonds between Hindus and Sikhs.

The social philosophy of Guru Gobind Singh impels us to study all religions in their true spirit and show reverence for them all. The search for Truth which is one, and service of humanity which is one should bring religions and mankind closer to one another and weld them into one-world family. Guru Gobind Singh's life, his mission, and his social philosophy repeatedly remind us that Man is of one human race and the search for the light and love of God is universal quest in which all paths lead towards one and the same goal and all people march as comrades and not as enemies or rivals.

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