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Sikh Martyrs   E-mail 

How sad it is that many Sikhs these days choose to relinquish their identity for petty reasons! Our history is full of stories of Sikhs willing to give their lives for the ideals set forth by their Guru, such as freedom to practice one's religion. 

Here are a few of them :

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji (known popularly as 'Dharam Di Chadder') gave his head but not his faith when he refused to give in to Emperor Aurangzeb's demands for his conversion. Three others were martyred along with the Guru:

  • Bhai Mati Das: Sawn into two halves
  • Bhai Sati Das: Burnt in cotton wrapped around his body
  • Bhai Dayala: Boiled in hot water.
In 1742 A.D, Bhai Taru Singh's scalp was removed by his Mughal captors when he refused to convert.

The famous Banda Singh Bahadur, who had been bestowed with temporal authority and nominated as the first Jathedar (commander of the forces) of the Khalsa Panth by the Tenth Guru, was very brutally killed by the Mughals. His eyes were first removed by the point of a butcher's knife. His left foot and then his two hands were severed from the body. His flesh was then torn with red-hot pincers, and finally he was decapitated and hacked to pieces limb by limb.

Bhai Mani Singh, head Granthi of Harmandir Sahib (Golden temple) was martyred when his body was cut to pieces limb by limb by Mughal executioners. He was not the only one in his family to give his life for the Sikh Panth. In all, 21 were martyred: 11 brothers and 10 sons!

Subeg Singh, who had contracts with government, was martyred under suspicion that he was supplying info to Sikhs. His 15 year old son, Shahbaz Singh was martyred because he refused to convert under the wishes of the Qazi at the school he studied at. Subeg Singh and Shahbaz Singh were put on a rotating wheel with slashing knives arranged around it.

Mir Mannu, who became the Governor of Lahore and Multan in 1748 A.D., tortured Sikh women in order to force them to abandon their religion. He ordered the children and babies of imprisoned Sikh women to be speared alive, or cut up into pieces and made into necklaces to be put around the mother's neck!

This slaughter went on for four years! But those brave and faithful daughters of Guru Gobind Singh remained firm, steadfast and unshaken. They preferred death than a life of apostasy. They kept praying and remained firmly committed to their faith.

During this time also, a price was placed on the head of every Sikh: Rs. 80 (equivalent to one year's pay during those days).


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